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Sephora creates CBD standards for products

Sephora has devoted time and effort into the CBD industry, pursuing partnerships with small and large companies in order to sell these products as legitimate beauty compounds. This past week, Sephora announced that they were now enforcing some standards on the CBD products in their stores, ensuring that all of their products are trusted and of high quality.

“Search for CBD on has increased over 1000 times since 2018, so there’s clearly client interest in these kind of products. As customers are looking to navigate this growing category, we saw the need to provide transparency and quality assurance,” Cindy Deily, Sephora’s VP of skin-care merchandising, told Glossy.

CBD products must now meet the Clean at Sephora standard, a rule that was implemented in 2018 requiring that all Sephora products are clear of more than 50 ingredients that don’t meet their satisfaction. In addition to this rule, CBD beauty products in Sephora must now ensure they contain full or broad spectrum CBD, that their CBD oil is grown domestically, and that there’s testing of the product conducted by a third party. These products must also contain a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which you should always look for when purchasing some CBD.

While many retailers are selling CBD beauty products, Sephora is the first company to implement standards pertaining to the CBD products they have in stock. This development gives them an edge over competitors and protects the company from lawsuits and from gray areas within the law.

Sephora has been expanding on the partnerships with Lord Jones, Saint Jane, and Flora + Bast, distributing their products in locations throughout the country while also making them available online. Recently, the company partnered up with Prima, another beauty company that utilizes hemp.

Since there’s no word on CBD regulations from the FDA and government, it all comes down to stores and how they choose to take on these challenges. We can expect many retailers to follow Sephora’s lead and to come up with their own CBD regulations.

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Originally publish in Chigago Tribune

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