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CBD is one compound that benefits humans and pets equally with its therapeutic properties. It was only in 2018, the US government legalized CBD by mentioning strict regulations on the THC content of the CBD product. Hemp derived CBD products have to contain less than 0.3% THC, which is an intoxicating cannabis compound, lest they will be deemed illegal.

The range of product options in CBD for pets is similar to that of human CBD, as a large number of pet CBD products belonging to various spectrum options are available in the market.

In this session, we make a comparison between CBD tinctures and CBD treats for pets.

Administering Method

The most popular administering method of CBD tinctures is sublingual, in which the tincture is measured out in a dropper and placed under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing it. The CBD in the tincture gets into the bloodstream directly through the sublingual glands. CBD tinctures can also be added to edibles but the bioavailability of this method is less when compared to sublingual intake.

Pet CBD treats are tasty edibles infused with CBD that offers a delicious CBD intake option that your pets will love. They can be administered to your pets like every normal treat.


Bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD that reaches the bloodstream of the CBD user. It varies according to the intake method of the CBD product. As CBD tinctures are taken sublingually, they have better bioavailability when compared to edibles.

When you give CBD treats to your pets, the CBD in the treats has to bypass the liver while the treat is digested and the process decreases the amount of CBD that reaches the bloodstream.


Tinctures contain lesser number of ingredients when compared to CBD treats. Apart from the CBD extract dissolved in alcohol base, CBD tinctures come with added flavors that help mask the raw taste of CBD.

CBD treats come with taste enhancers and added flavors that could dampen the potency of the CBD treat. CBD tinctures have higher potency than CBD treats. Thus if you are looking for a potent CBD option for your pet, you may choose CBD tincture over CBD treat.


Whether it is pet CBD or human CBD, discreetness is an important factor. When you take your dog out for a walk, giving it CBD ignoring the prejudiced looks of the people around you is not always easy. Thus discreetness is a desired property in a pet CBD product.

In terms of discreetness, CBD treat is a better choice than CBD tinctures because CBD treats are not different from the treats that you usually give your pets.

Ease Of Administering

The taste of the oral products that you give your dog decides the ease of administering. It is not easy to administer a product that lacks a hearty flavor to your pet. Hence, CBD treats can be administered to your pets easier than you can administer CBD tinctures.


A reputed CBD tincture will have a certificate of analysis, that will show the exact amount of CBD in the bottle. With CBD treats, third party lab test results are less common, and you have limited ways to ensure the purity of the CBD treats.

Possible Chances Of Decrease In Potency

CBD treats are mostly prepared by cooking it with heat, and the preparation method could damage the potency of the treat. Dampened potency will affect the effectiveness of the CBD treat. On the other hand, CBD tinctures do not involve heat in its preparation, thereby reducing the possibility of the potency seeing a decrease.


CBD tinctures are made by adding CBD extract to alcohol base along with some additional flavors and medicinal herbs. CBD treats are made by adding CBD extract to popular pet treats.

Ease of dosing

Tinctures often come with droppers that help you measure out the dosages correctly before administering it to your pet. The bottles will usually have details about dosing, making it easy for you decide the right dosage. The dosage decision is influenced by the medical condition of the pet, its weight etc.

Deciding the ideal dosage of treats is not easy as it is with CBD tinctures.


Whatever be the type of CBD product, the therapeutic benefits it offers the pets is same. The pain relief properties of CBD make it an effective medication that treats pain symptoms caused by multiple disorders.

Pets might develop anxiety disorders due to several reasons like separation from the owners, and CBD is an effective cure for the anxiety symptoms shown by pets. CBD can also be used to treat the pain symptoms of cancer.

Property Pet CBD tincture CBD treat
Discreetness More Less
Ease of administering Low High
Ease of dosing High Low
Potency High Low

Final Thoughts

You have to choose between pet CBD tincture and CBD treat only after analyzing the pros and cons of each option thoroughly.

Originally publish in Laweekly

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